Code editor fix + Linux and Mac builds

Hey rovernauts! Here's another bugfix build! Most importantly we fixed the code editor bug related to multi-selecting and copying, which made the code impossible to compile. And we also made Linux and Mac builds! 

This will be the last jam-build. We are working on a new version with more features, but we will provide the link for that post-jam version separately from now on.

- Fixed gamebreaking code editing bugs
- Added Mac and Linux builds
- Text doesn't select-all any more when focusing on the code editor
- Disabled scrolling and dragging in code editor, you must use the scrollbar now
- Tooltip is now offset a bit to not be occluded by the pointer
- Temporary workaround: Computer cursor now centers to screen when unfocusing monitor to prevent accidental clicking on SND when coming back to monitor focus


linux 96 MB
42 days ago
mac 38 MB
42 days ago
windows 37 MB
42 days ago
Users guide.pdf 395 kB
43 days ago
Briefing transcript.pdf 13 kB
43 days ago


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