Post-Deadline Hotfix

Since we hardly played the game after building and submitting it for the jam, we immediately found a few foolish bugs. So, here's a little post-jam deadline hotfix.


- Music and ambience now loops
- Fixed some gamebreaking missing-shader errors
- Narrowed free look field of view
- Holding middle mouse button now zooms in when not focused on the monitor
- Added dial up sound when connecting to DSN
- Added mouse click sounds
- Music plays during time lapse, and office sounds are muted
- Sun no longer penetrates the office when below the horizon
- Sun goes dark during the night
- Camera unfocuses when time lapsing, and refocuses when receiving signal
- Earth ground is now greenish
- Tweaked light intensities
- Lowered sun angle by a bit for more rays in the office
- Moar binders!!


Briefing transcript.pdf 13 kB
Apr 21, 2020
Users guide.pdf 395 kB
Apr 21, 2020
windows 37 MB
Apr 21, 2020


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