Defend your base against waves of incoming enemies in this platforming/tower defense hybrid game.


  • ←, → (A, D) - movement
  • ↑, ↓ (W, S) - look up/down
  • X (space) - jump or confirm
  • Z (E) - build

Press build button to put checkpoint (cost 15 gold) or to build turret on one of the turret stands.

Xbox controller is also supported (X for jump, Y to build).

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Everyone who says this game is to hard is kinda correct. the game is great, but there is one problem. the gems. sometimes they spawn and sometimes they dont. its a really big problem for me. i sometimes start the game, and get to a round, and there just isnt a gem somewhere. i think it might be a feature, but im not really sure. like gems only spawn after specfic rounds or something. but if it is, i havent figured it out, and so im doing parkour and exploring the entire map looking for one that HAS spawned.

but this is definitely the best game ive ever played on, good job!

IIRC there's always two crystals spawned somewhere (except immediately when you collect one - it has some short delay until it's respawned). Also, there's only a handful of places where they can be, but multiple good "vista routes" you might take to inspect where the gem is.

I agree with commenters that the game is too hard. Maaaybe it'd be ok if there were earlier levels that ramped up to that difficulty.


if you made a full version of this game, with a level set, and infinite mode, or whatever on steam, i would definitely buy it. do you have a discord server?


there is a difference between challenging and frustrating .

horrible game


I really like this game, but I wish the paths to get the cristals were easier,right now there too hard, I could get only 3 in many tries, and also, let the first 10 waves more easy too :)

It's just very frustrating this game right now, wich Is sad, because the ideia, the design, the game Is brilliant

How to play


That's a very interesting, but very difficult combination (or that's just me being not good enough at platforming).

so I finished the game and what did I see -- you didn't even bother to write "congrats" or something :D anyway, I really enjoyed Kala! will you continue to work on it? if answer is yes, I would like to tell you a thing or two. first of all, the game is too punishing in its current state. like, you accidentally fall on spikes and lose time, health point and virtually all of your diamonds, too! checkpoint for money -- I, personally, found it unreasonable to spend 15 coins on a flagpole considering almost inevitable death... in result, I used it just once in 4 or 5 hours in total. and yeah, it would be cool to have some kind of an additional screen in a corner to see if your towers are doing well. hope you'll find my thoughts useful! or at least won't be annoyed with them :)

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Hi! Thanks for playing and feedback! :)

Regarding the missing "congrats" screen. It's in, but we forgot to trigger it. xD Check this sad one line commit that fixes it:
Figured it's missing only after jam submission deadline, so couldn't fix it anymore.

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lol I'm so embarrassed by this comment now after having my first very own submission to the jam. we didn't even have time to think about a win screen not to mention implementing it ':) my long overdue yet sincere apologies!

although after 2 full years, I still would love to see this game be turned into a full feature. is there any chance?

I played it just now and i really like the idea and the camera setup, but didnt felt so good when the camera doesnt show the bottom area when one falls down.

I think camera setup is of multiple type.
1) Platformer touch based - as soon as it touches the platform the camera pans.
2) Usual Follow camera with softzones.

Would like some pointers on setting up camera!

Nice game, very well executed.

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Camera not being fast enough when falling was a conscious decision to play with feeling of unease and subtly discourage players from taking leaps into abyss. Still not sure if it succeeded doing that or it's simply annoying.

If you'd like to replicate our camera controller, take a look at Assets/Scripts/View/CameraController.cs on GitHub. Code is a bit messy, but basic idea is to smoothly follow player on horizontal axis and on vertical axis only when player hits floor/wallslides or moves away from vertical axis zone. You can enable debug drawing on lines 166-172 to see how it's working.

`[UnityCache] indexedDB database could not be opened` in console.
can you please create a new build in Unity and  turn off "data caching" in the publishing settings in WebGL's player settings.


Hi! Can you explain how this error manifests? Can't find much info on it... Also, I don't want to update build until jam's voting period closes off.

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You can change this in WebGL player settings.
Goto Edit -> Project Settings -> Player
A inspector window for player settings will be shown. In that select WebGL

And then check `Publishing Settings` section and uncheck Data caching.

Also here is forum thread discussing the same issue.

Weird. Thank you for the report, will fix it after the jam's voting deadline.


Great work! Loved the aesthetics and the overall gamefeel. Reminds me of Hollow Knight in terms of platforming :)


Excellent work!

I can see myself getting addicted to this. It's pretty hard as it is, but that's all good.

I would buy a full version of this game. Excellent interpretation of the theme as well.